Modern Neuro-Ophthalmology: Anatomy & Physiology of the Human Visual System - Sashank Prasad, Joseph F. Rizzo & Nicholas Koen

Modern Neuro-Ophthalmology: Anatomy & Physiology of the Human Visual System

By Sashank Prasad, Joseph F. Rizzo & Nicholas Koen

  • Release Date: 2016-02-26
  • Genre: Medical
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The effective practice of neuro-ophthalmology requires obtaining a detailed history and physical examination, which form the foundation to diagnose the complex visual disorders that can be caused by disease that affects the eye or the brain. While a dedicated neuro-ophthalmologist has specialized training, it is also extremely important for general neurologists, ophthalmologists, and primary care practitioners to have familiarity with this examination in order to facilitate effective patient care. To develop these skills, it has been traditional to depend on neuro-ophthalmology textbooks. However, most textbooks rely on still figures (or possibly separate supplemental digital resources), which necessarily constrain the ability to fully convey the principles that guide nuanced clinical decision-making.  

We are creating the Modern Neuro-Ophthalmology iBook because we believe that this format has the potential to revolutionize didactic methods, creating a completely new experience with fully integrated, seamless, interactive multimedia. Our goal is for this resource to be clear, comprehensive, illustrative, easy to navigate, and enjoyable to use.


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    The content of this book is excellent. Also I'm tying to go paperless in med school and this is perfect.
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    Fantastic book for learning and for teaching! Simply outstanding!!!
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    One of the best digital books of neurology!
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    So easy to navigate, Amazing!!
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    The book is so interesting, I can't put it down!
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    When does volume 2 come out?
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    Congratulations Dr. Rizzo and Dr. Prasad, love it!
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    Can't wait for volume 2 !
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    Using this to help study for the boards!
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    Written by two HMS docs, what's not to love!